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Deanna Knoth

My love for “difficult” kitties began when I was young and would socialize family members' barn cats (with supervision, of course). Throughout the years I have acquired a significant amount of experience by working at shelters, veterinarians’ offices, and rescues. 


Because of these experiences, I have learned many useful tools in correcting undesirable behaviors in cats. I have also learned that it takes the purrfect home for these special cats to be adopted by their furrever families.


I have personally housed and fostered many felines with health or behavioral issues. In the process, I discovered a passion for helping these often hard-to-work-with animals and watched them blossom into adoptable kitties.


 My ultimate goal is to keep cats in their current homes and work through any issues the current owner may be having.

Cats can be described as independent, moody, and lazy. There's nothing wrong with that, right? However, sometimes these behaviors can become troublesome.

Cats cannot verbally tell you what is troubling them and it is up to us to observe the behavior to explain it. If your cat suddenly stops using the litter box or picking fights with the other pets in the home, there could be underlying medical issues. Always contact your veterinarian for advice and a thorough medical exam first!

Once the physical aspect of your cat is examined and the behavior continues, it is time to reach out for help. Deanna Knoth specializes in cat behavior and can provide you with guidance and support. 

If you are interested in having a Cat Behavior Consultation, please submit the request below and she will be in contact with you. 

Consultation Fee: $275

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